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He's back! The murderous doll returns in "Curse of Chucky'

July 08, 2013|By Susan King
  • The murderous doll Chucky, seen in 2004's "Seed of Chucky," is back to his evil ways in the new "Curse of Chucky."
The murderous doll Chucky, seen in 2004's "Seed of Chucky,"… (Rolf Konow )

This year marks the 25th anniversary of such classics as the Oscar-winning best film, "Rain Man"; the first installment in the action-thriller "Die Hard" series with Bruce Willis; the innovative live-action/animated blockbuster "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," which spawned the modern golden age of animation; and the comedy "Big," starring Tom Hanks in his first Oscar-nominated performance.

It's also the silver anniversary of the chiller "Child's Play," which Roger Ebert described as "a cheerfully energetic horror film of the slam-bang school, but slicker and more clever than most."

Directed by Tom Holland and starring Catherine Hicks and Chris Sarandon, the horror flick revolves around a "Good Guy" doll that becomes possessed by the spirit of a serial killer, Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif in perfect malevolent voice), and transforms into a wise-cracking, murderous doll.

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"Child's Play" was a surprise hit and spawned 1990's "Child's Play 2," 1991's "Child's Play 3," 1998's "Bride of Chucky" and 2004's "Seed of Chucky." The franchise has earned $126 million domestically.

You can't keep a demon doll down for long. After a nine-year absence, Chucky is alive — so to speak — and up to his murderous ways in the sixth thriller in the franchise, "Curse of Chucky."

Don't look for it at a theater near you, however. The film arrives on digital Sept. 24 and debuts on Blu-ray and DVD on Oct. 8, just in time for All Hallow's Eve.

Don Mancini, who has written all of the movies, also directed this installment, which finds a family being terrorized by Chucky. Dourif returns to his vocal duties, and the film also stars his daughter, Fiona Dourif, along with A Martinez.


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