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Three reasons you may want to buy a Google Chromebook laptop

July 10, 2013|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • The Samsung Chromebook is the top-selling laptop on
The Samsung Chromebook is the top-selling laptop on (Google )

Google Chromebook laptops may be finally catching on and there are a few good reasons.

The computers, which run Google's Chrome OS software, accounted for 20% to 25% of all laptops sold for less than $300 in the U.S. in the last eight months, according to NPD Group, a market research firm.

A year ago, Chromebook's market share was insignificant, according to NPD Group. But that started to change late last year when a new wave of the Google computers started coming out along with a new marketing campaign .

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A Samsung-made Chromebook is currently the top-selling laptop on

Why are people buying Chromebooks? Here are few things to like:

They're very cheap.

A Chromebook laptop can cost as little as a small tablet computer.

Although the pricey $1,300 Google Chromebook Pixel hasn't sold very well, its less-expensive siblings have, according to NPD Group. In particular, the $250 Samsung Chromebook and the $200 Acer C7 Chromebook are selling briskly. 

Or, for $330, consumers can pick up the HP Pavilion Chromebook or a version of the Samsung Chromebook that can connect to 3G cellular networks for on-the-go Internet.

They're simple to use.

If there are two things tech users hate, it's updates and security software, and Google has taken notice.

Chromebook computers download updates on their own, making sure their software and security protection are current without bothering users.

Chromebooks are also easy to use because you can't really install any software on them. These laptops are designed for simple Web-based tasks, so you'll be doing the bulk of your activities using your browser.

Also, the machines boot up within seconds.

They come with extra "goodies."

Chromebooks often come extra offers that sweeten the deal.

The Samsung Chromebook and the Acer C7 Chromebook, for example, give users 100 gigabytes of cloud storage with Google Drive. That means you can save in the cloud all sorts of files that you can then access from many other devices as well as your Chromebook.

Buyers of the two laptops also get a dozen free sessions on GoGo Inflight Internet, which is available on several major airlines including United and American. A GoGo Inflight day pass normally costs $14.


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