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Letters: Forgotten by Obamacare

July 12, 2013

Re "Night terrors," Opinion, July 7

I could have written Diana Wagman's Op-Ed article on her concerns over Obamacare myself. My husband and I are both freelancers, as are most of our friends. Our jobs are mostly temporary with no benefits.

I too was excited about the prospect of universal, affordable healthcare, until I read the details. Middle-class families like ours will be left out in the cold starting next year.

We already struggle to afford insurance premiums. Starting next year, it looks as though those of us who don't qualify for a subsidy might be looking at untenable increases. Even if we could scrape together the money every month, would that kind of sacrifice be worth it?

Retirement savings — poof. Our kids' education — poof. Rainy-day savings (a necessity when you freelance) — poof.

Like Wagman, thinking about this keeps me up at night. Is this really the best we can do?

Rebecca Phelps

Studio City

After reading Wagman's point that no one files for bankruptcy in Japan or Germany because of medical bills, it's clear that anyone who still wants to repeal Obamacare or live in a state that wants to thwart its implementation must want to live in a country where people like Wagman have nightmares — and others who still have insurance live in gated communities.

Our republican form of democracy needs to find a way to encourage capitalism, as it has, while bridling it just enough not to overrun the workforce, as it is heading toward doing. Few Republicans recognize this.

Wagman is no leech on the system; she's just a hardworking American.

Rochelle Lapides

Santa Susana


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