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Letters: L.A.'s fireworks nuisance

July 13, 2013

Re "Illegal fireworks spark fear," July 10

Thanks to Steve Lopez for addressing what has become a serious issue in Los Angeles, particularly in the area northwest of downtown where I have lived for 18 years.

Being in Glassell Park, a neighborhood of bone-dry hills and grass-filled valleys, we are subjected to this barrage of dangerous illegal fireworks from June to September. This is not a July 4 problem; it is an ongoing quality-of-life problem for tens of thousands of people across the city.

The fires these explosions could cause would wipe out everything. There is also the constant terror of these explosions, which might seem fun to someone on the ground but, to those of us high up on a hill, are a shock that disrupts our lives and makes our animals miserable.

We know where these fireworks are coming from, but the police seem to think this is a problem not worth dealing with. Having huge explosions regularly rattling your home, sometimes as late as 3 a.m., is something worth making a law enforcement priority.

Glen Creason

Los Angeles


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