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Letters: Why science basics matter in school

July 13, 2013

Re "More lab time for youths?," July 10, and "Delay on science standards," July 11

Augmenting time in the lab at the expense of understanding the fundamental concepts of basic scientific disciplines, as proposed in the Next Generation Science Standards, is almost certainly another ineffective ploy to divert attention from the failure of our public schools to provide a viable scientific education to young people.

To teach "climate change" without a rudimentary understanding of thermodynamics, and "genetic engineering" without a fundamental understanding of genetics, is social science sophistry.

California is home to the world's most eminent and successful institution for scientific education, the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. Have those seeking to implement the new standard solicited Caltech for guidance in formulating truly effective science education programs for our youth?

Charles Johnson

El Segundo


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