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Baron Davis talks about encounter with aliens during Vegas trip

July 13, 2013|By Dan Loumena
  • A bearded Baron Davis is greeted by host Kevin Frazier during the 28th Anniversary Sports Spectacular Gala.
A bearded Baron Davis is greeted by host Kevin Frazier during the 28th Anniversary… (Kevin Winter / Getty Images…)

Baron Davis, Los Angeles native and former NBA star, talked Friday about an alien abduction that took place two weeks ago when he was driving home from Las Vegas.

Sure, it could have been a hallucination brought on by heat exhaustion, if you know anything about driving through the Barstow area between Vegas and L.A. Not so oddly, he ended up at In-N-Out Burger during the encounter.

It likely was a tall tale, since the interview took place on the podcast "The Champs" with comedians Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher during a segment they call "Tell Us About That."

“I was actually abducted by aliens like two weeks ago,” Davis says during the interview, often using graphic language. “I’m a little tired. ... And I see this light and I think it’s a big truck, you know.”

When asked if he's telling the truth, Davis responds, "Hell yeah, dude!" He also said that he's going to write a book about the experience.

You can look up the podcast [again, be forewarned of graphic language]. Of course, there will always be skeptics.


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