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Emmys 2013: Lena Dunham on 'Girls,' 'Scandal' and the danger of Q-Tips

July 18, 2013|By Meredith Blake

I was super into "The Real World." I even had the books that accompanied the season. I still believe that the early seasons of "The Real World" were organic but once reality became sort of like "The Hills," "Real Housewives" scripted situation, it’s not like I’m a snob about it, it just doesn’t give me pleasure. The first season of "The Real World" is amazing.  It’s like Heather B. She’s bringing the drama without us needing to stage anything. I believe all the way up until New Orleans "The Real World" was going great.

What Emmy-nominated show would you like to guest-star in?

That is such a great question. I have lots of fantasies about things like that. If "Top of the Lake" decided they were going to do another season, all I would want is to play one of the women on that commune or a drug mule that worked for Matt Mitcham. I would really cherish the opportunity to prosecute someone on "Scandal." I would like to be a prosecutor who’s going head to head with Olivia Pope and isn’t scared. That seems really fun.  My fantasy used to be to die on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’; now it’s been upgraded to "Scandal."


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