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Who works the most hours? Among full-time workers, men trump women

July 24, 2013|By Shan Li
  • Editor Walter Burns (played by Cary Grant) longs to get his ex-wife and former reporter Hildy Johnson (played by Rosalind Russell) back into the newspaper game in the 1940 film "His Girl Friday." Decades later, the Labor Department reports that men work slightly longer per day than women.
Editor Walter Burns (played by Cary Grant) longs to get his ex-wife and former… (handout / courtesy LACMA )

The pay gap between men and women has been a subject of debate for decades. But a new survey reveals a clue to the discrepancy: the number of hours worked by men with full-time jobs versus women in full-time positions.

On average, men log 8.46 hours a day versus the 7.87 hours worked by women, according to a recent Labor Department American Time Use Survey.

However, that difference is flipped when it comes to part-time gigs. In those positions, women work 5.29 hours per day compared with men, who put in 5.16 hours.

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The study also reported a difference in working days among people with different education levels.

High school grads with no college degrees, for example, worked 7.97 hours a day, beating out the workdays of people who went to college or never graduated from high school. Those who hold bachelor's degrees or higher enjoyed the shortest days, at 7.57 hours.

And of course, there is a difference depending on the kind of job.

Those who do installation, maintenance and repair work tend to log the longest days, averaging 8.35 hours, while farmers and fishermen reported the shortest workdays at 6.92 hours.


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