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Letters: Big buildings in little Hollywood

July 28, 2013

Re "Hollywood skyscrapers Okd," July 25

Once again City Council members (with the exception of Tom LaBonge) have shown their eagerness to please developers by approving a monstrous development — possibly in an earthquake zone and looming large over the 101 Freeway. Apparently these people think they know better than geologists and seismologists.

Many people I know have already stopped going to Hollywood because of the overdevelopment and hideous electronic billboards. The current proposal would make Hollywood more like Broadway in New York, and that's not a good thing.

Law enforcement is having trouble maintaining order and safety in the area now, and the proposed development would add to their problems. Sadly, it seems highly unlikely that saner minds will prevail.

Ellie Doud

Sherman Oaks

Kudos to the City Council for approving the Hollywood Millennium project and to Mayor Eric Garcetti for saying he'll sign off on the plan.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Millennium naysayers remind me of those who objected to the Metro subway line in the 1990s. They cited parking concerns, traffic congestion, weak soil samples and more. Turns out that Metro's Red Line has done wonderful things for this city, including the fact that Angelenos finally have a downtown that is on par with New York and San Francisco.

I am looking forward to the economic and social benefits that the Hollywood Millennium will bring to this area.

Douglas Ross

Los Angeles

John Parrish, head of the California Geological Survey, wrote that the proposed skyscrapers "may fall within an earthquake fault zone."

Who says scientists don't have a sense of humor?

Kelley Willis



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