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David Letterman to Denzel Washington: 'I just want to be with you'

July 30, 2013|By Meredith Blake

It looks like David Letterman’s feeling a little lonely in his old age.

On Monday night’s “Late Show,” the famously cranky comedian made an awkward attempt to strike up a bromance with Denzel Washington.

“I know women want you,” Letterman said. “And I just want to be with you.”

While we can hardly blame him for making such an eager overture – who wouldn’t want to have Denzel on speed dial? – Letterman clearly caught the Oscar-winner off-guard.

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A pained look spread across Washington’s face as his host continued: “I don’t have famous friends and I’m looking for a famous friend. ‘Oh my god, he’s with Denzel?’ That’s what I want.” 

Despite his initial wariness, Washington soon came around to the idea and decided to play along.

“I think we should just one day walk the streets and see what happens,” he proposed – and not just once, as Letterman feared, but once a week.  

“Every Tuesday we’ll go walking around. We’ll just walk the streets until somebody recognizes us. It might take a long time, but we’ll stick to it. We'll go down 9th, come back up 8th, swing through the park, work our way to the East Side,” Washington promised.

Letterman looked delighted.

For what it’s worth, it’s at least the second time in a month the notoriously grumpy "Late Show" host has made his fondness for a guest loud and clear: A few weeks ago, Letterman offered to “mentor and protect” young star Michael Cera.

Quite the softie, isn’t he?


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