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State to L.A.: Hands off Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and InstantCab

July 30, 2013|By Jon Healey

Aarjav Trivedi, chief executive of InstantCab, said the proposed ruling would not just be good for consumers. "It will also be a victory for drivers, both professional full-time drivers, who will be able to make a good living providing safe transportation without being subject to bureaucratic regulations, and for occasional peer-to-peer drivers, who can participate in a new wave of collaborative consumption while being assured that they are following the law," Trivedi said in an email.

If the commission adopts the proposed rule, the biggest challenge for most of the new services is likely to be accommodating the disabled. (The exception would probably be Uber, which modeled its initial offering after limousine services.) Said Trivedi: "Enabling special requests for accessible transportation may be a little bit of work for us, but it is worth doing. We have some ideas on how to encourage drivers with accessible vehicles to drive, and we'll be proposing those to the CPUC."


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