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Letters: College students' sexual choices

June 01, 2013

Re "Uncoupling the hookup culture," Opinion, May 28

As a sexuality educator and author, I applaud Bob Laird's article. But I do have one concern.

He stated that Boston University religion professor and author Donna Freitas "denigrates abstinence education." Although she does have concerns, she has also written about its benefits. Stating that she denigrates abstinence education feeds into the terrible myths about virginity that perpetuate the hookup culture Laird decries.

Recently, I delivered a TED Talk on tolerance for virginity at Penn State University. My message was fueled by a college student who had been temporarily caught up in the party and sex scene and didn't like how it made her feel. She asked me: "Why is there tolerance for everything but abstinence and sobriety here?"

Students of all sexual preferences and religious faiths who heard my talk agreed with one thing: Our attitudes about virginity and abstinence completely contradict the tolerance we expect for sexual orientation.

Dannah Gresh

State College, Penn.

Having recently established that a degree won't land you a job, once colleges ban drinking and casual sex, no one will apply.

Howard R. Krauss

Los Angeles


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