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June 02, 2013
  • The cover of "Lost Sloth" and "Jazzy in the Jungle."
The cover of "Lost Sloth" and "Jazzy in the Jungle." (McSweeney's; Candlewick…)

What Floats in a Moat?

Lynne Berry. Illustrations by Matthew Cordell.

Simon & Schuster, $17.99, ages 5-9

An eccentric goat and a chicken must deliver barrels of buttermilk to the queen, but a castle moat stands in their way. A little innovative thinking, mixed with science and persistence, adds to the shenanigans. (July)

Jazzy in the Jungle

Lucy Cousins

Candlewick, $14.99, ages 2-5

Tropical colored die-cut illustrations and liftable flaps entice readers' interaction with a mama lemur as she searches through the jungle for her child, Jazzy, encountering an exotic array of critters along the way. (August)

The Day the Crayons Quit

Drew Daywalt. Illustrations by Oliver Jeffers.

Philomel, $17.99, ages 3-7

An assortment of crayons write a letter to their owner expressing disgruntlement: red is tired of being overused on fire trucks and Santas, white feels ignored and peach wants to know why his paper wrapping has been peeled off. (June)

Henry's Map

David Elliot

Philomel, $16.99, ages 4-8

Unhappy with the mess on his farm, an overly organized pig embarks on a comedic adventure to map everything in this book by the illustrator of Brian Jacques's Redwall books. (June)

Sea Monster and the Bossy Fish

Kate Messner, illustrated by Andy Rash.

Chronicle Books. $16.99. ages 3-5

When the new fish in school starts pushing everyone around, a charming sea monster must deal with his bullying ways in this second "Sea Monster" tale. (June)

NiƱo Wrestles the World

Yuyi Morales

Roaring Brook/Porter, $16.99, ages 4-8

Cloaked in a red mask, sneakers and underpants, a young boy imagines boldly knocking off scary demons and a groaning Guanajuato Mummy with his own trademark wrestling moves. (June)

Lost Sloth

J. Otto Seibold

McSweeney's, $16.95, ages 4+

With only eight hours to claim a shopping spree, a slow-moving, narcoleptic sloth rides a zip line, a hang glider and an out-of-control shopping cart to make it to the store in time in this quirky book from the author of "Olive, the Other Reindeer." (June)

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great

Bob Shea

Hyperion, $15.99, ages 3-6

A once-cool goat feels dejected when he can't compete with rainbows and sparkles from the new unicorn in town but soon learns that the unicorn has some goat-envy, too. (June)

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