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Travel letters: Monterey and that cypress? It's in the eye of the beholder

Plus, more discoveries in Ventura.

June 02, 2013

Yes, viewing famous destinations can be more prosaic than their reputations might suggest ["They See More Than the Tree" by Christopher Reynolds, May 19]. I think my wife, Tina, summed up her experience as best as could be done, when after a morning driving about to see the sites of the Monterey Peninsula, we got to No. 16 on 17-Mile Drive, and she said, "It's alone. It's a cypress. It's a lone cypress. When's lunch?" I have gotten a laugh out of that for about 20 years.

John Hamilton Scott

Sherman Oaks

We have traveled the world and over that time have developed favorites, and the Monterey Peninsula is close to the top. We arrived in Monterey on a holiday in the early '70s and could not find a place to stay, so I called the local chamber of commerce and they said Asilomar might have available rooms.

It was getting dark so we called Asilomar, and they said there were some rooms for us. We drove the darkened streets and finally found Asilomar and checked in. When we awoke the next morning and walked out we could not believe our eyes. We were surrounded by trees with the ocean close by and for the next 40-odd years we made it our vacation spot, often more than once a year.

Monterey Peninsula will always be our family's favorite.

Sanford P. Ostiller

Santa Monica

My mom passed away last summer, and my dad and I found two never-before-seen photographs of her at the tree that he took (1961/1974). The 1961 photograph is from their honeymoon.

Fred Hammer


Ventura treasures

In his Weekend Escape ["Close Enough?" May 19], how could Chris Erskine omit Brophy's, with the best seafood and view in Ventura?

Dauna Miller

Laguna Woods

Loved this piece. I'm doing it all as you describe. I've been wanting to see the Channel Islands and wondering how to do it.

Guy Vidal

Silver Lake

Thank you for reminding the Southern California folks about the many benefits of making a visit to the multi-charming town of Ventura. You touched on some of the best parts of the community.

But what about the great local artists who create visual art for both the locals and visitors to enjoy? Main Street and the surrounding streets have some wonderful art and vintage shops. Unique finds, along with paintings, drawings, photos — and the list goes on and on.

If you're down on Seaward taking advantage of the local beaches, check out Coastal Postal & Video on Harbor Boulevard near Seaward. It's like a general store, and the owner has a great display of local art at very reasonable prices. So many treasures to discover.

Barbara R. Dreyfuss

North Hollywood

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