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Skelton: Jerry Brown could win big on schools

June 03, 2013|By Los Angeles Times Staff
  • Gov. Jerry Brown held a news conference last month at Humphreys Avenue Elementary School to discuss the importance of redistributing education money.
Gov. Jerry Brown held a news conference last month at Humphreys Avenue Elementary… (Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles…)

No matter how budget negotiations pan out this year, Gov. Jerry Brown is likely to win a legacy-building victory.

In his Monday column, George Skelton says the governor is successfully pushing to redistribute state education funding to help students in needier schools. Although his plan may be tweaked in the Legislature, it's moving forward.

"It's an example of landmark legislating with one-party rule," Skelton writes. "The governor pretty much gets his way while being restrained by the Legislature, led by fellow Democrats."

Many fear the governor's plan will send more money to poor districts at the expense of wealthier ones. One legislative consultant described the debate as a "civil war" between suburban districts and urban districts. 

But, Skelton says, Brown is in a powerful position.

"No legislator dares fight this governor — nor do they want to be viewed as being against helping needy kids," he writes.


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