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Letters: Flattening taxes

June 06, 2013

Re "The 501(c)(4) fiasco," Editorial, May 31

Your editorial highlights the fact that no solutions to the potential use of the IRS as a political weapon are being proposed.

We must simplify our income tax system by instituting a flat 15% tax on personal income and eliminating all deductions. All personal income taxes would be deducted from regular earnings, and the need for income tax returns would be eliminated.

Further, tax-exempt status needs to be restricted to those organizations that provide food, shelter, clothing and medical treatment. All other groups that push political, religious or social engineering agendas should pay their fair share of taxes. For example, a church would be taxed, but the clinic that provides healthcare that is run by the church would not.

All political and other such "social welfare" organizations should be taxed, just like any business entity.

J. Tyler Ballance



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