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Umpire Jordan Baker gaining notice for gum-throwing habit

June 06, 2013|By Houston Mitchell

As if Yasiel Puig, or any other major league outfielder, doesn't have enough to worry about, add one thing to the list. Umpire Jordan Baker is quickly gaining fame for a pretty gross habit: After each half inning, he turns and throws his chewing gum into the outfield.

The gum-throwing, first reported by, means that at the end of each game Baker leaves 18 wads of chewing gum in the outfield. Who has to clean this up? You have to bet if an outfielder has to dive for a ball during a game and lands on several wads of gum, he won't be happy.

Apparently, Baker considers his gum throwing a tribute to the game. How it's a tribute to the game is a mystery.

Anyway, if you are a friend of Baker, please don't buy him any gum for his birthday. And if you are an outfielder, we hear that using an ice cube on the gum will help you clean it off of your cleats.


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