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Letters: Reality TV and immigration

June 09, 2013

Re "House vote opens immigration divide," June 7

Since House Republicans seem obsessed with littering the path to citizenship with traps, I suggest they turn this process into a reality show. Illegal immigrants would be forced to endure a series of hardships; some would succeed and gain citizenship, but most would give up.

As harsh as this sounds, it is no less harsh than what is being proposed. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) wants to go after the "Dreamers," those young adults who are on the path to a college degree or who have served in our military but lack legal status. How deporting these immigrants makes us a better, safer country escapes me.

Other hard-liners want no path to citizenship but want to hire another 5,000 deportation officers and stiffen penalties.

Given the current political climate, I think a reality show contestant has a better chance of gaining citizenship than betting on a political solution.

Norman Franz

San Clemente


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