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Watch the pat on the rear that got Chad Johnson sent to jail

June 11, 2013|By Chuck Schilken

Chad Johnson was just about to get off with community service and counseling instead of jail time for a probation violation in a domestic violence case in Florida when he decided to show his appreciation to his attorney.

The former NFL star looked as if he was trying to get Adam Swickle's attention when he tapped him on the rear end before mouthing the words "good job," all with a serious look on his face.

At least that's how it looks to me. You can judge for yourself in the video above.

But no matter what any of us think, Broward County Circuit Judge Kathleen McHugh did not appreciate the action, particularly the fact that the courtroom erupted in laughter.

"The whole courtroom is laughing because he just slapped you on the behind," McHugh said to Swickle, who was trying to explain that Johnson meant no disrespect and wasn't looking for a reaction. "I'm not going to accept these plea negotiations."

And just like that, Johnson taken away for a 30-day jail sentence.

On Tuesday, Swickle asked the judge to reconsider the term. Johnson will remain in jail until at least Monday, when another hearing is scheduled.


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