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Chicago Blackhawks fan grows playoff lawn until city intervenes

June 12, 2013|By Lisa Dillman


Frank Miller, like most of us, has been a busy man during the playoffs.

There was his day job at Trader Joe’s, a substantial home clean-up job and the job of watching Chicago Blackhawks games.

Naturally, something had to give.

“The grass just got out of hand because ain’t nobody got time for that,” the Park Ridge resident told Chicago’s WGN Morning News. “Everybody started giving me [grief] about my grass, the neighbors, my co-workers.

"So I was watching the Hawks playoffs and I noticed them growing their beards … so I decided I’m going to grow a playoff lawn.”

It was a big hit until the city got involved. Miller told the TV station he was watching a playoff game and he heard a lawnmower outside and was told the city paid someone to mow the lawn. The story has managed to get national attention.

“I said, ‘OK, that was the end of my playoff lawn,’ ” Miller said.

One of the hosts joked: “Did you know you were living under a communist regime in Park Ridge?”


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