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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Is Ja'Nel the secret weapon?

June 14, 2013|By Rene Lynch
  • Ja'Nel: Is she destined to win 'Hell's Kitchen'?
Ja'Nel: Is she destined to win 'Hell's Kitchen'? (Fox )

So, let's see if we've got this straight. When Ja'Nel is on the red team, the team racks up an unbelievable winning streak, taking home the trophy for every single challenge -- save one. And when she gets switched over the the blue team, lo and behold, they turn their losing streak around by nailing the relay challenge.

Is Ja'Nel the one to beat?

Perhaps, if she can stay out of the way of flying lobster. And perhaps, unless we find out this has all been crafty editing and one of the other competitors -- Mary, maybe? -- will rise.

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The competitors are circling the drain this week and next. Self-proclaimed 'meat master' Zach was sent packing this week. (Will someone put him on a 24-hour watch?). Susan was on the razor's edge. How she survived isn't clear, unless of course it has something to do with ratcheting up the tension next week. Only four black jackets will be doled out, which means someone needs to go.

But does it really matter who that will be? This is looking more and more like it's a showdown between Ja'Nel and Jon, which means it's just a matter of time before Susan, Mary and Cyndi are sent on their way.

If Cyndi botches one more lobster, she'll go before Susan. Have you ever seen a lobster tail bounce off a wall before? You have now!

Random observation: Did... did chef Gordon Ramsay backhand the Germans? When he was -- literally -- putting out fires in both the red and blue kitchen, what exactly was it that he muttered? I thought I heard "I thought the Germans were dangerous."

What's up chef Ramsay? First, you were ripping on grannies.

Now, the Germans? (And if I heard wrong, set me straight in the comments section below!)


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