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Terrific berry dish ideas and how to pick the best baskets

June 15, 2013|By Russ Parsons

Blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries, youngberries. This time of year the markets are full of almost every kind of berry you can think of. Though each has its own special flavor, you can use them pretty much interchangeably.

How to choose: Look for berries that are vibrantly colored, taut and shiny. Dull or wrinkled skin can be a sign that berries are over the hill. Check the bottom of the basket as well to make sure there isn't leakage from damaged berries that may be hidden.

How to store: Berries are very delicate and should be refrigerated tightly sealed.

How to prepare: With good berries, keep it simple: Sugar them lightly and set them aside to exude a little syrup, then fold them into lightly sweetened whipped cream.


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