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Letters: Splitting up Anaheim

June 16, 2013

Re "Anaheim's feeble democracy," Editorial, June 14

Looking at a map of Anaheim, it seems that a reasonable solution to the ongoing political challenges there might be an amicable split of the city. Affluent Anaheim Hills has little in common with largely Latino, working-class west Anaheim or even central Anaheim.

Although some may say a split would amount to Anaheim Hills turning its back on the needs of the rest of the city, in fact the remaining core of Anaheim would still have a solid tax base, with Disneyland, the Honda Center and Angel Stadium remaining part of the city. And by design the core of the city will gain political power.

Anaheim Hills would be free to contract with Anaheim police, and the cities could retain joint ownership of the municipal utility.

Mitch Moss



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