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Residents react to latest Hoffa search: 'You're not finding him'

June 18, 2013|By Matt Pearce

Imagine if the diggers really do find Jimmy Hoffa.

That's a mental leap some Michigan residents are not quite ready to make, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation goes back to digging on the second day of its search for former Teamsters boss Hoffa, who became labor's version of Amelia Earhart when he disappeared in 1975.

"You're not finding him," one resident tweeted a video of himself saying, as the latest dig site at an Oakland Township field north of Detroit has attracted an array of onlookers and TV crews checking out the search.

Los Angeles Times readers agree: 93% of poll respondents for Monday's story about the never-ending search for Hoffa think the newest search will be similarly fruitless.

Everyone could be wrong, of course, and the discovery of Hoffa's body -- it's always been assumed he was killed -- would prove a huge story and provide presumably a few more answers for one of America's most enduring mysteries: Who killed Jimmy Hoffa?

Previous searches over the years have included a sanitation company, landfills, construction projects, a horse barn, a swimming pool and a driveway.

The latest dig appears to be prompted by the statements of former Hoffa associate Anthony Zerilli, 85, who says Hoffa was buried in the field beneath the concrete slabs for a barn that has since been torn down.

Zerilli, who says he was not involved in Hoffa's death, is selling his story of the slaying for $4.99 if you download a digital copy from his website,

All of the hubbub -- plus the legacy of a man whose perpertual nonappearance has entwined his name with wisecracks of the Loch Ness variety -- has again proved a little rich for Michigan residents who have seen these kinds of searches before.

Here's a sample of some of the local attitudes:

— Nick Bunkley (@nickbunkley) June 18, 2013


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