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Letters: No 'just warriors' in Syrian conflict

June 18, 2013

Re "Plan to arm Syrian rebels will take time," June 15

There are no "just" warriors in the Syrian conflict, and there are certainly none that adhere even modestly to the political or moral values that America embodies.

The United States should keep out of the Syrian civil war entirely because it's not our fight. Let the warring factions decide among themselves who will oppress the Syrian people.

But if we must get involved, the United States should arm the Syrian rebels with only those weapons that we are prepared to have turned against us. After all, it's possible that once the civil war is over, whoever ends up in power will be in opposition to America.

Steve Weinberg

Redondo Beach

The president announced our military involvement in Syria as a report of 100 to 150 possible deaths from chemical weapons crossed his "red line."

Eighty three nations have ratified the Convention on Cluster Munitions treaty banning their production and use; neither the U.S. nor Israel has signed on. Recently, Israel used cluster bombs on Lebanon.

Who draws the red lines?

Haskell Wexler

Santa Monica


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