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Letters: A church's duty to a teacher

June 18, 2013

Re "Ex-spouse's behavior costs teacher her job," June 15

The Roman Catholic Church has a centuries-old record of retaining within its employ pedophile priests with known and extended histories of abusing children.

Isn't it twistedly and hypocritically ironic that the San Diego diocese is firing one of its employees — a faultless teacher who happens to be the victim of domestic abuse — out of concern that the woman's ex-husband might come to the school and harm students?

Doesn't the church have enough worries about the legitimate felons in its organization without treating a blameless teacher like one?

Cy Bolton

Rancho Cucamonga

It is somewhat understandable that parents and school officials would not want this teacher and her children at the school because her husband does pose a threat to the students.

However, I am absolutely appalled that the San Diego diocese would just fire this woman without any attempt to help her or her four children.

The Catholic Church has schools and residential centers all over the world and certainly could have offered this woman and her children both a job and a place to live. At the very least, they should have offered financial assistance and guidance.

As a Catholic, I contribute money each year to "those less fortunate." But this incident makes me think of the old proverb "A fool and his money...."

Linda Mele Johnson

Long Beach


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