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Letters: Controlling access to bullets

June 19, 2013

Re "End bullet-buying loophole," Column, June 17

George Skelton's support for controlling access to ammunition overlooks one plentiful source that will be difficult to police.

Untold thousands of gun enthusiasts already own ammunition "reloading" equipment. This allows them to manufacture unlimited quantities of their own cartridges (which can prove more accurate than mass-produced ammunition).

Although well intended, proposals like the one Skelton supports probably won't much affect the incidence of mass shootings. Making effective mental-health treatment widely available seems a more promising remedy.

Sandra Perez

Santa Maria, Calif.

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck and Skelton endorse the belief that keeping ammunition out of the hands of people prohibited from owning firearms might slightly inconvenience gun owners, but their inconvenience is trumped by saving lives.


Marc Jacobson

Los Angeles

I'm fed up with informed people like Skelton and others throwing around terms like "mental case" and "crazy" to describe a person who may have a mental illness. In a statement about pending legislation in the state Senate, Sen. Stephen Knight (R-Palmdale) used the word "crazy" three times to describe "these people" who go on shooting sprees.

How would Skelton feel if a close relative diagnosed with major depression were referred to as "a mental case"? How would Knight feel if he heard someone describe a relative diagnosed with bipolar disorder as "crazy"?

These terms are belittling and pejorative. They also reinforce the belief that people diagnosed with mental disorders are one pill away from being mass murderers.

Christine Vukan


Skelton's column about ending the so-called bullet-buying loophole makes a valid point.

The current fusillade of anti-gun legislation in Sacramento aimed at law-abiding citizens is meant to be so encumbering for Californians that, as a result, only criminals will be armed and loaded.

I feel safer already.

Craig Whan

Santa Barbara


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