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Vine creators tease new features ahead of Facebook event

June 20, 2013|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • A new video posted by Dom Hoffman, one of Vine's co-founders, seems to show that a redesign is on the way for the app.
A new video posted by Dom Hoffman, one of Vine's co-founders, seems… (Vine )

With Facebook probably getting ready to announce video features for its Instagram, the creators of Vine are not standing by idle -- they're taking to their social network to tease new features they have in store.

Dom Hoffman and Rus Yusopov debuted several six-second Vines on Wednesday to show new features and a possible redesign of some features of the popular Twitter-owned service.

Among the features is one that would allow users to create multiple versions of a Vine and let them preview each one before deciding which one to post. That would be a welcome addition to the service, because currently users must either post or delete a Vine before making another. PHOTOS: Top Cyber Attacks of 2013

You can see the feature teased in the Vine by Yusopov below. 

Another Vine, posted by Hoffman, appears to show a redesigned look for the app's main content feed. The video shows a camera button at the bottom of the app, rather than at the top right of the page, where it currently resides. 

There also seems to be no comments or likes on the main feed, meaning users may have to tap on videos to see what others are saying and contribute their own reactions.

Besides that, it appears Vine will also be adding more types of discovery categories to make it easier for users to find content they are interested in. The Vine shows icons that say "Cats" as well as "Science & Technology" and other categories.

No word on when Vine may roll out these features.


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