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Poll: What should Justin Bieber's new movie be?

June 20, 2013|By Rebecca Keegan

Justin Bieber will soon be back on the big screen -- at least according to his Twitter feed.

Bieber, who is in the midst of his global Believe concert tour, recently tweeted, "rest of the world tour, movie, and all coming this year! never stop working. ."

Just what the movie will be isn't immediately clear, but Bieber has a history of reeling in audiences at the box office -- his 2011 concert documentary, "Never Say Never," grossed $98.4 million worldwide.

In the past, Bieber has shown interest in branching out into scripted roles -- in 2011, his team was developing a comedy for the singer called "What Would Kenny Do?," with Ashton Kutcher slated to play his older self.

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We know Bieber is busy, but we have a few cinematic ideas for him. Vote below and let us know what you think should be his next big-screen project.

-- "Fast and Furious 7": Vin Diesel's Dom finds Johnny, a baby-faced teenage runaway with a knack for hot-wiring, hiding in his trunk one day. Dom and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) take Johnny in and make him a member of the crew, enlisting him in a heist of a fleet of leopard-print Audis owned by a local drug lord.

-- "The Bourne Adolescence: A Musical": In Jason Bourne's early years, he was bookish and bullied -- until he found his true purpose, in song and surveillance. Includes the sure-fire hits, "As Long As You Stalk Me," "Never Say CIA" and "One Less Lonely Spook."

-- Tattoo biopic: "Hitchcock" director Sacha Gervasi is developing a movie about  Hervé Villechaize, the French actor best known for playing Tattoo on the TV series "Fantasy Island," who lead a colorful and ultimately tragic life. We think Biebs could really bring the pathos here. And we want to hear him shout, "The plane, boss! The plane!"

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-- "You've Got Twitter": It's been 15 years since Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan fired up their modems and fell in love in "You've Got Mail." Bieber and Amanda Bynes should do a remake set in the social media age, an emoticon-fueled romcom where he owns a Whole Foods-esque chain, she a competing juice-cleanse bar -- and the hashtags get rough.

-- "Boys Don't Cry 2": After the tragic murder of Hilary Swank's Brandon, girlfriend Lana (Chloë Sevigny) moved out of Texas to New York, got a job in an art gallery in Greenwich Village and befriended a promising young artist of indeterminate gender. This is their story.

-- "Robin": Forget Batman. He's so dark and brooding. With Bieber as the Boy Wonder, Gotham finally gets swaggy. This superhero flies in drop-crotch pants and fights villains with his piercing falsetto. And did we mention Catwoman is something of a cougar?


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