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See the ad for Stephen King's 'The Shining' sequel, 'Dr. Sleep'

June 21, 2013|By Carolyn Kellogg

One of Stephen King's most enduring works is "The Shining," due in part to the film by Stanley Kubrick. Although the film strayed somewhat from the book, both told the terrifying story of a man who moves his family to a remote, empty resort when he becomes caretaker there. The Overlook Hotel, or the ghosts that haunt its hallways, take hold of him and eventually his wife and son desperately try to escape.

It's been 36 years since "The Shining" was published, and King has picked up the thread again, writing the first sequel to the book. "Doctor Sleep," coming in September, features Danny, the little boy in "The Shining." He's all grown up and living a normal life, sort of. He's got some issues.

A television ad for the book is available as a preview on It's more teaser than anything else, but it clearly establishes the fact that this is a sequel to "The Shining."

It doesn't show some things publisher Scribner has shared about the book: It includes a group of old folks who travel the country in their RVs and dated clothing -- and happen to be quasi-immortal, sustained by a kind of spiritual vampiricism on the young.

The ad will air Monday during the season premiere of "Under the Dome," the CBS series based on King's 2009 novel. For "Doctor Sleep," we'll have to wait until Sept. 24.


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