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Letters: Give USC a chance on the Coliseum

June 26, 2013

Re "Public may get little in stadium deal," June 23

The Times' story about the public getting little in return from the deal to give USC control over the taxpayer-owned Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was very one-sided.

Of course USC should run the Coliseum and put the profits back into improving the building. The state, county and city have proved beyond any question that they have been inept in their attempts to run the city's most famous sports venue.

With the university across the street from the Coliseum, it is in everyone's best interest to turn it over to USC, which promises to fix up the place. This will improve the surrounding neighborhood, which would decline in the event that USC chose to stop playing at that site.

Chuck Braverman


This deal is a rip-off.

Three former stadium managers have been indicted on corruption charges. The Coliseum commission, in secret meetings, negotiated the deal that gives the Coliseum, Sports Arena, parking and signage to USC for 98 years.

USC, you'll remember, is a wealthy institution.

Los Angeles is entitled to a more equitable deal. The citizens are entitled to have a voice in the process.

Jeff Greenberg

Beverly Hills


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