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Letters: Politics and L.A.'s labor leader

June 27, 2013

Re "She has a real worker ethic," June 23

Much of L.A. County labor leader Maria Elena Durazo's effectiveness seems to be based on the number of politicians she has helped elect. She should be judged by how many more workers have middle-class jobs.

Many workers in L.A. face daunting challenges providing for their families. Labor should be spending its energy and resources addressing these workers' needs.

Durazo and other labor leaders have to stop believing that politicians will provide the good life for workers. Politics should be a factor in any strategy that aims to organize workers, but it can't be the driving force.

Electing politicians to office is easy; bringing more people into the labor movement requires much more skill.

Salvador Sanchez

Silver Lake

Stating in the subheadline that Durazo's clout "worries some" is unintentionally hilarious. I guess we all know how much power those who "clean toilets, clear banquet tables and wash cars" wield in our society.

There is a class of workers that this kind of alarmism will benefit. Fat-cat lobbyists can use this to drum up even more money from wealthy businessmen.

Reading further, we hear the tired bromide about how even mild wage increases are bad for business. Stunning update: The fact that the middle class has largely vanished is far, far worse.

Durazo's efforts on behalf of those she represents lift up all of us.

Mark Diniakos

Thousand Oaks


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