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Letters: The 'old' LAPD wasn't racist

June 28, 2013

Re "Dorner's web of lies about the LAPD," Opinion, June 26

I am pleased that Connie Rice called former officer Christopher Dorner's allegations of racist treatment by the Los Angeles Police Department lies. However, her praise comes at the expense of LAPD officers from years past.

Many insist on perpetuating the myth that the "old" LAPD was racist. As an insider from that era, I know that allegation is false.

The LAPD of the 1960s, '70s, and '80s (when I served) was open and honest, and most of us did our best to meet the ideals of the department and professional policing. We did not condone brutality, dishonesty or racism, and when we found those things, they were dealt with immediately.

Were there isolated incidents? Of course. But the routine denunciations of the "old" LAPD as racist paints all of us honorably retired officers with the same brush.

David H. Dolson



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