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Letters: Pro-choice filibusters are wrong too

June 29, 2013

Re "Texas abortion fight galvanizes activists," June 27

Although I support women's reproductive rights, I do not think that Democratic lawmaker Wendy Davis' filibuster of a bill that would shut down almost all abortion clinics in Texas, or the disruption caused by observers in the gallery, leaves a lot to be proud of.

Any filibuster is anti-democratic. Yet both sides seem to judge its value based on the end results. Just as a 40% minority should not be able to rule the Senate, one person should not be able to hold an entire assembly hostage.

With gerrymandering, an antiquated electoral college system, denial of voting rights to entire segments of society and corporate influence in politics, it seems we are heading backward.

Filibusters and mob rule don't help.

Paul Silverman

Lake Forest


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