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Greuel and her allies step up attacks

March 01, 2013|By Seema Mehta

With just days to go before voters make their choice for mayor, one of the presumed front-runners, Wendy Greuel, and her allies launched a multi-pronged attack against her rivals, signaling that the city controller may be in a more precarious spot than she expected going into the March 5 primary.

Greuel ramped up her attacks on chief rival Eric Garcetti, alleging that his family’s financial connection to a controversial oil drilling operation has endangered children and raised questions about his environmental credentials. Garcetti responded that his family’s property has never and will never be used to extract oil, that the attack smacked of desperation, and highlighted Greuel’s donations from oil and gas interests.

In a further sign that Greuel is under pressure, the independent effort backing her bid released on Thursday a television attack ad against Garcetti, as well as a negative radio spot aimed at Jan Perry, who some believe is making inroads into Greuel’s support with her aggressive mail campaign.

Kevin James sought to underscore the city’s pension liabilities, saying he is the only candidate in the mayoral race with the independence to deal with it. And his campaign called for the release of communications between Greuel, her chief strategist and the head of the union that is the primary backer of the independent committee that has spent $1.7 million to date to support her bid.

To boost his long-shot mayoral run, Emanuel Pleitez is literally running across the city, in sneakers and baby-blue athletic shorts.

It’s Friday. Time for more financial reports from candidates. Check out later Friday night to see the details from the last financial disclosure reports before election day.

-- Seema Mehta

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