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Letters: L.A. leaders who will listen wanted

March 01, 2013

Re “What makes a good mayor?,” Opinion, Feb. 26

Michael Woo's piece could have been headlined “What makes a good politician?”I believe that an essential factor is responsiveness to communication from the people who are served.

Most officeholders have a website that includes an opportunity to make contact by email or phone. However, usually the calls are answered by assistants who don't have a clue about how the officeholder would respond, and connection to the boss is impossible.

With few exceptions (notably Councilman Bill Rosendahl and former L.A. Controller Laura Chick), there is no response, in my experience.

When a constituent receives no answer, it may mean that much of the public servant's office is focused on getting reelected and not on attention to the concerns, opinions and suggestions from those who do the electing.

Seymour Levin
Los Angeles

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