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How do you view the Blue?

It's getting closer to opening day, and baseball fans are making their pitches.

March 01, 2013

Only seven Dodgers games on TV during spring training? So, they must have moved to the Pac-12 Networks, huh?

Mark Temple

Huntington Beach


Is there a Hall of Shame for baseball players who spew ridiculous accusations with no basis in fact? If so, Mike Piazza should be elected immediately.

He acknowledged he never heard Vin Scully's broadcasts and based his rants on "what he heard from others."

Well, I never saw or heard Mike Piazza juicing up, but my impression, based on what I heard from others, is that he did.

Do I get a book contract now?

Terry Snyder

Los Angeles


In the wake of figuratively being hung in effigy in our town for his baseless remarks about Vin Scully, it is amusing that Mike Piazza now holds out an olive branch. Inasmuch as the horse is miles out of the barn, it is too little and too late. Swing and a miss, paisan.

Bud Chapman



As a long-suffering lifetime Dodgers fan, I have been grimly soldiering on for the past quarter century, waiting for our so-called great organization to reappear in the World Series. Finally, Bill Plaschke has explained the problem and given me new hope. Apparently, we have lacked true leadership. But now we have Matt Kemp announcing his presence in the locker room with a loud belch. And in the spirit of such great leaders as Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Matt is inspiring teammates hungry for leadership and striking terror in the hearts of our competition with a bold rallying cry: "I ain't trippin'." It's Matt Kemp's team, indeed.

Phil Cott

Los Angeles


Maybe it's a little too early, but this Carl Crawford reminds me of a guy named Don Stanhouse.

Craig Schwarz


We the purple

Looks like the days of "Ball-Sharing Bryant" were short lived, if the last several Lakers games are any indication.

Although, most all were victories, I fear the return of Kobe's complete abandonment of a flowing offense with the ensuing critical turnovers and forced, blocked, or missed shots into triple coverage.

Laker fans should hope and pray that Kobe's "Mamba Mode" will be tempered by wise decision-making and ball movement, shrewd and adept passing, and a decent number of assists to open teammates for easy baskets. If not, and past statistics bear this out, we may be in for a very short playoff run, if that!

Rick Solomon

Lake Balboa


I received a call from my Lakers' season-ticket agent and he informed me that I will be on the bench, in uniform, on March 22. He told me that for the remainder of the season, four lucky season-ticket holders will sit on the bench. Since Mike Dumb'toni refuses to play more than eight players even after back-to-backs or even when some players are in foul trouble, can't score, defend or rebound — Lakers management decided to release Sacre, Duhon, Morris and Ebanks — replacing them with fans at a much reduced cost.

It was my understanding that there was talk of also releasing Blake and World Peace, but the Lakers thought they would look bad if a fan could produce the same results.

Geno Apicella



Lest we forget and the memory of Dr. Jerry Buss fades, and just as Pauley Pavilion has dedicated and named its basketball court "Nell and John Wooden Court," so should AEG and the Lakers organization pay tribute to Dr. Buss by naming Staples Center's court as "Jerry Buss Court."

Dan Anzel

Los Angeles


If NBA owners are allowed to amnesty players, NBA players should be allowed to amnesty owners. I can think of one particular owner who's consistently putting his foot in his mouth who the players should consider amnestying.

Geoff Skurnik

Laguna Niguel


Anyone remember Rick Barry's underhand foul shots? Has anyone considered suggesting its resurrection with Dwight Howard?

Ben Eisner

Westlake Village

Eye is wide shut

How appropriate that only a few hours before the Academy Awards, UCLA's Shabazz Muhammad scored 11 points against USC while playing with one eye, thereby showing his ... True Grit!

Patricia Thomson

Cheviot Hills

He gets an A

Kudos to Eric Sondheimer ("Scholar-athletes Give sports a brighter view," Feb. 25) for recognizing the academic accomplishments of some of our local high school athletes. It should remind all young athletes, and their parents, that grade-point average is just as important as points-per-game average.

Kenneth Spencer

Pacific Palisades


What an interesting season it has been thus far for our two local franchises. The popular team full of stars that has won it all in the past and was expected to do so again this year has struggled even to become relevant in the playoff race. Meanwhile, less was expected of the newer team but they have surpassed all expectations in becoming one of the top five teams in the league.

Sure would be nice to read more about the Kings and Ducks on a daily basis. Perhaps you can carve out some space from your nonstop, breathless basketball coverage?

Robby Freedman

Los Angeles


Can we go any lower than picturing two MMA women pummeling each other in the alleged name of sport? Do MMA followers ever read The Times sports page, or anything, for that matter?

Kevin H. Park



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