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Kids' book reviews

March 03, 2013
  • "Little House On the Prairie" was illustrated by Cole, 10 of Third Street Elementary in Los Angeles.
"Little House On the Prairie" was illustrated by Cole, 10 of… (Cole, Third Street Elementary )

"The Magic Half"

Annie Barrows

Miri travels back in time by looking into glasses that she finds taped to the wall in her bedroom.  When she travels back in time, she becomes friends with Molly, who lives in 1935.  Miri tells Molly all about World War II.  

I recommend this book because I think it is interesting that a girl travels back in time.  I learned about World War II. Germany and Japan fought.  My best friend recommended this book to me, and I recommend it to you.

Reviewed by Sophia, 7

Overland Elementary

Los Angeles

"Old Yeller"

Fred Gipson

With Papa gone and no one to take care of Mama and Arlis, Travis takes Papa's place. When Travis was taking meat in for dinner, the dog Old Yeller ate it. Travis didn't like that, but little Arlis refused to give him up. Then Old Yeller began saving lives and protecting the family.

Later on, there was a sickness among the animals called hydrophobia. Will Old Yeller get hydrophobia?

If you want to find out, read the book.

Reviewed by Sarah, 9

Monterey Hills Elementary

South Pasadena

"Dragon Gets By"

Dav Pilkey

The author did a great job writing this story about a blue dragon named Dragon who has a really mixed-up day. I really liked this story and the pictures because they were funny and good.

My favorite part was when Dragon went to the store.

Reviewed by Drew, 8

John F. Kennedy Elementary


"Night of the Ninjas" (Magic Tree House)

Mary Pope Osborne

Morgan le Fay is captured by Ninjas in ancient Japan. This is not good. Le Fay is trapped. Will Jack and Annie save Morgan and bring her back to the tree house? Read this book to find out what happens.

Reviewed by Lauren

Glenoaks Elementary


"Little House on the Prairie"

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Do you love a page-turner? If you do, you will like this book.

Pa, Ma, Mary and Laura are leaving their little house in the big woods of Wisconsin in a covered wagon to go west. They are going across a frozen lake when they realize they are on thin ice. Will they get across the lake? Are the Indians nice or will they be mean?

Reviewed by Cole, 10

Third Street Elementary

Los Angeles

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