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Web Buzz: and app clear the way and its companion app help make planning a road trip a lot easier.

March 03, 2013|By Jen Leo

If you thought all you needed for a good road trip was a full tank of gas, a great playlist and a good friend, think again. Road trips can get a lot more awesome.

Name: and its companion app

Available for: iOS

What it does: Puts road trip resources, pop culture experiences and foodie suggestions at your fingertips. Use on the road or plan your itinerary in advance.

Cost: Free

What's hot: I'm a sucker for clean design and an intuitive nav, but there's a lot more here to be excited about. Go to the website first, create a free account and punch in your start and end. Like magic, the miles, approximate time and amount you'll spend on gas appear in the upper left corner. Now click "Find Places" to find accommodations, food and drink, history, nature, culture, shopping, sports and other categories. Don't forget to click "show all" to fine-tune your preferences. For great indie advice, click on "Guides" to find suggestions such as "Diners to Die For," "Wine Country," "Geektown" and "Mad Science."

What's not: Why can't the app have the same features as the website? That's all. I don't want to plan on a website, save my trips and then access saved info on the app. I want to plan it all on the app too.

Worth it: Still, yes. Yes!

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