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What up Google? Young rapper pens hip-hop ode to Internet giant

March 04, 2013|By Jessica Guynn
  • Google employee Andrew Finkelstein, who goes by "Fink," has created a rap video about Google, "Welcome to Google."
Google employee Andrew Finkelstein, who goes by "Fink," has… (Andrew Finkelstein )

SAN FRANCISCO -- Andrew Finkelstein, an enterprising 25-year-old Google employee with some serious skills, has filmed a hip-hop ode to Google and put it on YouTube.

And we're pretty sure this one is going to shake Harlem and just about everywhere else.

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Finkelstein goes by the name "Fink."  In the rap video "Welcome to Google," Finkelstein, who works in sales at the tech giant, throws down his love for the Googleplex wearing a Google T-shirt, dark sunglasses and a Noogler propeller cap (worn backwards, naturally) as young people dance around the Internet giant's lobby in New York with a green Android mascot and a book "What Would Google Do?"

It's pure rap genius.

Welcome to Google, this is the Googleplex

The home of where the future’s kept

Welcome to Google, this is the Googleplex

There's no telling what we're doing next.

A Google spokesman declined to comment.

Despite its nerdy rep, Silicon Valley has produced a few great rap videos.

Last year, tech luminaries Alexis Ohanian, Ted Rheingold and Robert Scoble put out "The Lucky Ones" to raise money for businesses hit hard by Superstorm Sandy ("This one is for the ninjas and rock stars.")

For my money it doesn't get much better than Shervin Pishevar's rap homage to Silicon Valley: "Platform."


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