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'Biggest Loser': It's makeover week, and Gina has an epiphany

March 05, 2013|By Rene Lynch
  • Gina McDonald celebrates after winning immunity on "The Biggest Loser." If it comes down to having to win a vote of viewers to stay on the show, she might be in trouble.
Gina McDonald celebrates after winning immunity on "The Biggest… (Trae Patton / NBC )

Here we thought Gina was just self-absorbed and clueless. But she knows the score.

It was makeover week, the week that "Biggest Loser" fans love second only to the finale, and every competitor got his or her due, kids included. While everyone looked swell, Sunny and Gina were standouts because of their great new 'dos. (Can we all agree that Ken Paves and Tim Gunn should handle makeovers forever and always?)

The makeovers had a twist this season -- they were revealed at home, with friends and family, and came with a challenge. The competitors had to lose 5% of their body weight over two weeks' time, and they'd have immunity. Viewers were treated to a look at what the struggle will be like for the competitors once they leave the ranch for good, surrounded by loved ones indulging in healthy snacks, and scheduling demands, just to name a few. 

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The competitors fended off temptation at every turn, and were inspiring ambassadors to their communities, encouraging everyone to embark on their own fitness journeys (and learn how to do full-body exercises, such as inchworms).

But the real drama came back at the ranch, after the weigh-in: As the final five become the final four, there will be a red line, and a yellow line. Drop below the red line, and you face immediate elimination. Drop below the yellow, and you have a shot. The twist? Viewers will chose between Nos. 3 and 4.

The recognition was instant for Gina, who has been the reining "Biggest Loser" in the house but is facing stiff competition from Danni and Joe. Gina should have been this season's fan favorite, defying all expectations on her run to the championship, and proving that age doesn't matter in the weight-loss game. Instead, she's come across as a spoiled ingrate, pitching fits at every turn, dissing the trainers and her competitors, and being all-around unlikeable. (And that has very little to do with being a lawyer.)

If Gina doesn't guarantee herself a spot as one of the top two in the weigh-in, she faces either instant elimination, or, more likely, the viewers' vote. And if that happens ....

"I don't know that I would win a vote," she said.

No, you probably wouldn't.

But in Gina's defense, she's shown an absolute willingness to do whatever it takes to lose the weight, no matter what, and she just might be able to said into one of the top two spots.

Would you be disappointed if Gina won this season? Or do you think Gina has been misunderstood, caught by the cameras at the most unflattering moments, but moments that really don't represent her full personality?  


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