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Letters: Romney on Obama's 'gifts'

March 05, 2013

Re "Romney criticizes Obama," March 4

So Mitt Romney still believes the president won reelection by giving "gifts." The very people who are so against government social programs are the reason much of this spending exists.

Wages buy less than they did decades ago. The federal minimum wage is stuck at an outdated level. Companies have replaced their better-paid full-time workers with cheaper, part-time employees. Benefits like health insurance and retirement are more rare.

The cost of healthcare, food and shelter have become a taxpayer-funded burden for millions of working Americans. The 47% that Romney referred to as not paying federal taxes while reaping government rewards will just continue to grow unless employers are forced to pay decent wages and benefits.

Romney and his ilk have gotten rich by dumping the social service needs of America's workers while pocketing the profits.

Ernest Salomon

Santa Barbara

In his interview with Fox News journalist Chris Wallace, Romney said he underestimated how important the president's healthcare program would be to lower-income voters. Hs wife admits that she and her husband were "blindsided" by the passion of Obama's supporters.

It sounds as if the Romneys are having trouble coming to grips with the fact that in this age of unprecedented inequality, those of us who aren't as privileged as they are appreciate a bit of help.

Rich Eames

Los Angeles


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