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All a-Twitter over 'The Taste'

March 06, 2013|By Russ Parsons
  • "The Taste" co-hosts in a rare non-tweeting moment.
"The Taste" co-hosts in a rare non-tweeting moment. (ABC )

A perspicacious Twitter follower named Jim Lawrence summed it up in a single sentence: “This is the 21st century: the only things in my timeline right now are Chavez and @Nigella_Lawson”

So just how Twitter-ific is the star of “The Taste”? Would you believe 27 tweets in the five-hour period surrounding the show’s airing (separate times for the coasts)? All told, there were more than 60 tweets from the assorted co-hosts -- and that's with one of them incognito.

Among Lawson's pearls of wisdom:

“Wearing @lwrenscott Postmistress Dress for @TheTasteABC tonight,” she tweeted at the start of the show.

“Those Sambuca kisses with chocolate sauce are sensational spoonfuls of sexiness! What's wrong widju Ingrid?!

“So, who's sexiest between @chefludo , @BrianMalarkey & @Bourdain ?"

“#TeamNigella's ingredients may not be fancy-schmancy, but I believe in full-throated taste Caviar, lobster, oysters: no"

And finally: “Feel like a student who's pulled an all-nighter. Past 6am and just going to bed. I blame @TheTasteABC!”

Co-host Brian Malarkey (@brianmalarkey) was right behind with 22 tweets, though most were retweets responding to other people’s comments.

After Lawson explained a barb with, “This is how the English show love, I'm afraid”, he came back with “Glad 2 B Americano!”

By contrast, her co-host, L.A. chef Ludo Lefebvre (@chefludo) was practically restrained, with 17 mostly comprehensible tweets, though his wife Krissy (@frenchchefwife) chipped in another five.

Ludo to Nigella: "You are wicked - but delicious! And u are a beautiful English lady. My honor to work w you!”

And Krissy responding to Nigella’s “How do you put up w/ my dear friend, your dear husband” replied: “Day by day my friend.”

Co-host Anthony Bourdain (@bourdain) was uncharacteristically silent, apparently he’s filming somewhere in the Congo (though he does still have 3G).

“While @chefludo struggles to keep team alive on #TheTaste I will be killing chickens for crew dinner in #Congo. Thinking curry. Coq au vin?”

His wife Ottavia (@ottaviabourdain), who usually gets in on the fun, is sick in bed.

The things we know today.


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