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'The Taste' recap: A not so surprising final four

March 06, 2013|By Jenn Harris
  • From left, Khristianne Uy, Brian Malarkey and Jeff Mahin on ABC's "The Taste."
From left, Khristianne Uy, Brian Malarkey and Jeff Mahin on ABC's… (ABC )

Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Brian Malarkey and Ludo Lefebvre did their best to seduce viewers on Tuesday night's semifinals episode of "The Taste." It was all about making the perfect, seductive bite.

Ingrid Hoffmann, star of the Food Network show "Simply Delicioso," played guest judge for the team spoon challenge and chose Sarah Schiear from Lefebvre's team as the winning bite. Schiear, a food blogger from Florida, made an impressive spoonful of panna cotta with caramel and caviar. Instead of immunity, she won a collection of cookware.

For the individual challenge, each chef was asked to make his or her sexiest bite and pair it with a drink. While the chefs went to work in the kitchen, the four mentors sat backstage chatted about their idea of sexy. Not surprisingly, Lefebvre and Lawson clashed in their views. Lefebvre preferred a light, delicate touch while Lawson expressed wanting something a little harder and rougher. It also helped that during the conversation, Lawson was sprawled out on the couch, tipping her head back and downing Champagne.

L.A. girl Khristianne Uy on Malarkey's team thoroughly impressed the judges again with a king crab, uni and 63-degree egg paired with Champagne. She definitely earned her spot in the finale. Gregg Drusinsky and Schiear from Lefebvre's team will also be in the finale after not being chosen as anyone's favorite or least favorite dish. 

Jeff Mahin (team Malarkey), Diane "Cruella" DiMeo (team Bourdain), Paul Caravelli (team Lefebvre) and Lauren Scott (team Lawson) landed in the bottom. Mahin's was actually Lawson's favorite dish, but she fought to keep DiMeo in the game after seeing her in the bottom. Lefebvre and Bourdain also fought to keep DiMeo in and Caravelli, Mahin and Scott were sent home. 

Next week Uy, Drusinsky, Schiear and DiMeo will fight to become the first-ever 'The Taste' champion. Uy, DiMeo and, as annoying as he may be, even Drusinsky deserved to be in the finale. How Schiear has managed to slide under the radar this far is beyond me -- then again, with all the playful flirting in the kitchen, it does seem like Lefebvre has a soft spot for her.

Best, worst moments:

Bourdain pouring DiMeo a glass of Champagne then talking about farting in front of your significant other -- apparently a line of conversation brought on by the show's topic of seduction.

Drusinsky putting his head in his hands and shaking like he's crying after hearing that Mahin was going home. He also yelled "I love you man." Hmm, was there a bromance there that we didn't know about?

Lefebvre yelling at Malarkey after Malarkey tried to come into the Frenchman's kitchen. "I'm sure he's jealous a lot about me," said Lefebvre. I agree.


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