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Watch Frazer McLaren knock out David Dziurzynski during NHL fight

March 07, 2013|By Houston Mitchell

You know the saying, "No one ever gets hurt in a hockey fight"? Well, it turns out you can't say that anymore.

About 26 seconds into Wednesday night's game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators, a fight broke out between Toronto's Frazer McLaren and Toronto's David Dziurzynski.

McLaren and Dziurzynski circled each other before McLaren landed a couple of blows. It then looked like your typical hockey fight, until McLaren connected with a shot to the jaw. Result: Dziurzynski was knocked unconscious. He came to quickly and was helped off the ice by teammates.

“It was just a lucky punch. It happens sometimes,” McLaren said afterward.

McLaren had a cut on his chin from the fight and needed eight stitches.

Dziurzynski did not return to the game, and the Senators said he had a concussion.

Of course, leave it to some Toronto fans to start chanting "Go Leafs Go" while a woozy Dziurzynski was helped off the ice. Stay classy, guys.


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