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Watch Jamal Crawford's through-the-legs lob to Blake Griffin

March 07, 2013|By Melissa Rohlin

In the fourth quarter against Milwaukee on Wednesday, the Clippers' Blake Griffin and Jamal Crawford found themselves on a fast break with no defenders near, so Crawford decided to get a bit fancy.

As he got to the basket, he went airborne, flipping the ball through his legs then over his shoulder to a trailing Griffin, who used a windmill dunk to slam it home.

It was a stunning sequence, one that even Crawford said deserves an award.

"I think we could push that for an ESPY," he said.

Crawford said that he even surprised himself with that move.

"I honestly didn't know what I was going to do -- I just saw that we had a whole court and I had the best jumper in the world right there, might as well get creative," he said.

Creative he got, so much so that Griffin didn't even know that was going on.

"I honestly had no idea what he was going to do," Griffin said. "I thought he was going to throw it off the backboard, you know, normally in a situation like that, you're looking at each other like, what are you going to do? ... but he didn't even look back, so I was just kind of stuck out there, then I saw him do his little between the legs, and he's done that before in practice, so, I just tried to finish it."

After Crawford released the ball, he was just hoping that Griffin would find it.

"When I threw it, I was like, 'Please just dunk it. I don't want coach mad at me,' " Crawford said. "He caught it and took it to a whole 'nother level."

The play is already being hailed as the best lob-dunk sequence of the year.

Crawford said that LeBron James tweeted him, saying that he and Dwyane Wade want to replicate the move.

"It'll take on a life of its own," Crawford said.

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