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'Kickalicous,' a.k.a. Havard Rugland of Norway, looking for NFL job

March 08, 2013|By Dan Loumena

The "Dude Perfect" of kicking footballs -- Havard Rugland of Norway -- is trying to get a job in the NFL without having played the American version of football.

Rugland is known as "Kickalicious" since his video of trick kicks went viral last year. Rugland, who has been working out in La Jolla with former NFL kicker Michael Husted, makes an amazing array of kicks through the uprights from incredible distances and angles, not to mention trick kicks into garbage cans, baskets, into a boat on a lake, etc.

The biggest problem with the video is that he takes a big run at the ball during lengthy kicks and is often holding the ball or having a friend toss it into the air. He's rarely taking a two- or three-step approach and kicking the ball off the ground, which is necessary in the NFL.

At 6-foot-2 and 245 pounds, though, he has plenty of power in his leg to attract the attention of Husted and NFL personnel.

"I believe I've got a pretty good chance to get a contract," Rugland said. "If not right away, I will get one because I really do think that I'm at least going to be good enough and I just have to be better than the people I'm competing with and make them believe in me and go with a guy without too much experience."

Husted, who will continue to work with the Norwegian at his training academy in Florida, believes Rugland has the potential to kick in the NFL.

"He's got great potential," Husted said. "On the other side, you need more than that. You need connections and to have a little bit of luck on your side. I always tell people that there are kickers who were better than me who did not make it. I was fortunate to have a nine-year NFL career."

Rugland, who already showed his skills to the New York Jets and Detroit Lions, has plenty of options. The NFL's free-agent signing period begins next week and he could be in a camp this spring and summer vying for a job. He could also be signed to the practice squad, giving a team the opportunity to try to develop his skills.

In the meantime, he'll head to Florida soon to work with Husted and other kickers.

"I've got teams coming down interested in watching him kick," Husted said. "As long as he continues to stay focused and work hard, I think he has a good opportunity to earn a spot or at least get signed, and the rest is up to him after that."


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