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Gear: This razor takes its cue -- and its charge -- from your PC

March 09, 2013|By Judi Dash
  • You can charge this little shaver with through a USB port.
You can charge this little shaver with through a USB port. (ShaveTech )

Many high-quality electric shavers adapt to different electrical currents for charging during international travel, but they usually require adapters for different-shaped wall outlets.

The diminutive new ShaveTech shaver doesn’t need any of that rigmarole because it charges with a standard USB port. The shaver, which is about the size of a cellphone, has a flip-open USB plug so you can charge it anywhere using your computer (although the computer itself may need an adapter).

Many hotel rooms contain desks with built-in USB ports, and of course some have ports for U.S. appliances, though wattage is usually restricted.

The shave is efficient, though the small head may need more frequent cleaning for heavy growth. It comes in black or white, and includes a removable lid, soft pouch and cleaning brush.

An optional USB AC wall adapter is available. ShaveTech USB Shaver costs $39.99; USB wall adapter is $6.99. Info: ShaveTech.

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