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Watch Indiana's Tom Crean confront Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer

March 11, 2013|By Chuck Schilken

Indiana Coach Tom Crean got pretty emotional after the Hoosiers' 72-71 victory over Michigan on Sunday.

But it wasn't all the kind of emotion one might expect from a coach whose team had just come back from a five-point deficit in the final 41 seconds to claim the victory and the Big Ten title.

During the postgame handshakes, Crean and Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer reportedly got into each other's faces while exchanging angry words and "rapidly – and ridiculously – patted the other on the back," according to Yahoo! Sports.

The line finally moved on, but Crean wasn't finished. He chased down Meyer at midcourt, thrusting his finger at the Michigan assistant and exclaiming, "You know what you did! You helped wreck our program!" 

Meyer was an assistant for former Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson from 2006-08. When Crean was hired in 2008, he inherited NCAA sanctions for violations that took place during the Sampson era.

Sunday's midcourt altercation ended when Indiana assistant Tim Buckley got between the two men and dragged Crean away. The incident was caught on video by Indianapolis' WRTV-TV (see above).

Crean said during a conference call Monday that he has since apologized to Meyer.

"On the way to the plane, I talked to him on the telephone. We discussed a couple of things and I apologized," Crean said. "In retrospect, I wish I had never addressed anything after the heat of battle in a game, but I did and we move on. End of story."


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