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Steve Stricker ruins PGA Tour for everyone except Tiger Woods

March 11, 2013|By Houston Mitchell
  • Steve Stricker, left, gives some advice to Tiger Woods on the practice putting green.
Steve Stricker, left, gives some advice to Tiger Woods on the practice putting… (Alan Diaz / Associated Press )

Way to go Steve Stricker. Way to ruin the PGA Tour for everyone else.

As you may have heard, Tiger Woods won the PGA Tour tournament in Doral, Fla., on Sunday. The main reason he won was because of his outstanding putting. Woods putted 100 times in the 72-hole tournament, the best he has ever done (which is saying a lot, considering this is Tiger Woods we are talking about). He also made 27 birdies, the second-best total of his career.

All because of his superior putting, a facet of his game that had failed him over the last couple of years, when Woods seemed mortal again.

And Woods would probably still be mortal today if not for Stricker.

On Wednesday, the day before the tournament began, Stricker and Woods were on the practice putting green at Doral when Stricker noticed something. He called Woods over and told him he would putt better if he changed his stance a bit. The result: The return of Tiger "Greatest Golfer in the World" Woods.

Oh, and who finished second at that tournament? Stricker. He finished two shots back. So in helping Woods, he probably cost himself the tournament.

Woods was asked on Sunday if he would have done the same for Stricker if he saw him struggling with the putter.

"I'd love to say I would have," Woods said, as the assembled media laughed.

You can bet the rest of the PGA Tour wasn't laughing. They were too busy plotting the demise of Steve Stricker.


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